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Do we need a new cemetery?

Continued planning for cemeteries is needed to provide for future generations. A cemetery demand study indicated that Sydney’s cemeteries will reach capacity within the next 30 years, with approximately 283,000 burial spaces needed to meet the demand across the metropolitan area.

Is a cemetery permitted?

Following the decision in September 2016, by the Joint Regional Planning Panel, cemetery is a permitted use on the site at Varroville.

Who can use the cemetery?

The Macarthur Memorial Park (MMP) will be multidenominational, catering for all religious and ethnic groups. The MMP will also provide 35.5 hectares of publicly accessible parkland.

Will it include a crematorium?

A crematorium is a prohibited use on the site and will not be constructed as part of the MMP.

What is happening to the heritage buildings on the site?

The heritage listed outbuildings located on the MMP site, to the south of Varro Ville Homestead, will be restored to facilitate public use as an Education Centre.

How have you considered Indigenous and European archaeology on the site?

European and Aboriginal archaeological investigations are currently being undertaken, as the site adjoins a state listed heritage item known as Varro Ville Homestead and potential Aboriginal artefacts.

How have you considered the impacts on the Varro Ville homestead?

A Conservation Management Plan (CMP) has been endorsed by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment which outlines the heritage significance of the Varro Ville Homestead and outbuildings. It also sets out policies to guide future use and development. The MMP will adhere to the CMP and provide an expanded heritage curtilage (area of land surrounding a heritage item) to ensure the significance of the Varro Ville Homestead is protected.

Will any trees and vegetation be removed?

To provide for new building and facilities some vegetation and trees will be need to be removed, as outlined in the draft Landscape Masterplan. An Ecological Assessment will be submitted with the DA, outlining measures to minimise/offset the loss of any significant vegetation or fauna habitats.

How has the MMP been designed?

A landscape masterplan has been prepared by Florence Jaquet Landscape Architect to guide development across the entire site. This proposal offers a unique solution to the preservation of the Scenic Hills qualities, one which offers a sensitive landscaped setting, responding to a unique site, with unique qualities and history.

Will there be any traffic impacts?

A Preliminary Traffic Impact Assessment has been completed. This study found that the proposed parking provisions and internal road system will adequately meet the demands of the proposal. Further traffic studies will be completed and submitted as part of the Development Application.

Will there be any visual impacts?

The MMP has been designed to integrate with the existing topography, watercourses and vegetation. While some visual changes will occur, the MMP will be a contemporary memorial park, resembling landscaped parklands. To minimise visual impacts, the proposed MMP includes a ‘no build area,’ with only roads, fencing and plaques proposed. A Visual Impact Assessment will be submitted with the DA.

Who is the consent authority?

As the MMP will have a capital investment value of approximately $40 million, the consent authority will be the Sydney South West Planning Panel, following assessment by Campbelltown City Council.

What is the planning instrument that applies to the site?

The Campbelltown Local Environmental Plan 2015 (CLEP 2015) is the principle planning instrument applying to the site and was amended on 20 February 2017 to include additional local provisions for the site.

How can I provide feedback?

To provide feedback on the proposed MMP please contact the Urbis Social Planning and Consultation Team on 1800 244 863 or

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