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Memorial Options

Discover Macarthur Memorial Park, Macarthur’s own memorial and parklands destination. Our park offers a tranquil and inclusive final resting place, designed to honour diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

Explore our park, which accommodates various cultural and ethnic groups, including but not limited to Aboriginal, Filipino, Pacific Islander, and Middle Eastern areas. Each section is thoughtfully designed to provide a serene and respectful environment year-round.

In addition, we cater to different faith denominations, including Buddhist, Catholic, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, Orthodox, Presbyterian, Sikh, and more.

At Macarthur Memorial Park, we strive to create a place of identity and belonging for the entire community. Come visit us and experience the peaceful beauty of our grounds, where you can honour your loved ones in a meaningful way.

Macarthur Memorial Park provides a broad range of burial options, including:

  • Plaque Lawn
  • Monumental Lawn
  • Natural Burial
  • Continuous Rockery Garden (for cremated remains)
  • Private Rockery Garden (for cremated remains)
  • Niche Garden – Bush Setting (for cremated remains)
  • Continuous Niche Garden – Bush Setting (for cremated remains)
  • Continuous Niche Garden – Rose Garden Style (for cremated remains).

Each option is designed to honour and remember loved ones in a meaningful way.

Our memorial spaces include:

Continuous Rockery Garden

Set amongst natural landscaped bush and rock waterways, this area offers a serene and beautiful setting for remembrance.

Private Rockery Garden

A secluded area within our serene cemetery grounds, offering a tranquil and timeless space to honour loved ones. Designed with meticulous care, this area features natural rock formations, lush greenery, and delicate flowers.

Niche Garden – Bush Setting

Designed for the placement of cremated remains, this garden is particularly popular with lovers of the Australian bush and the great outdoors. Memorial boulders are available with single bronze plaque options.

Continuous Niche Garden – Bush Setting

Similar to the Niche Garden – Bush Setting, this area is designed for lovers of the Australian bush and the great outdoors.

Continuous Niche Garden – Rose Garden Style

Roses are symbols of love and remembrance. This area offers a range of rose memorial options, with ashes gently interred at the base of a rose bush or along the edging of a shared rose garden, accompanied by a dignified bronze plaque.

Plaque Lawn

Our Lawn Graves offer a dignified and peaceful environment for remembrance. Lawn Graves are a timeless and cost effective option for many families.

Monumental Lawn

Our monumental lawns consist of a stone headstone and base made to the measurements of the plot and installed at the head of the site on a concrete foundation or an existing beam.

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