Community Consultation

Community consultation for the development of the Macarthur Memorial Park masterplan and development application has now concluded.  Community consultation was undertaken over 6 weeks in June and July 2017. The feedback received during the consultation period has been collected in the Summary of Consultation Outcomes Report.

The report documents the consultation process, community feedback and considerations in response to community feedback. Key themes raised in the feedback include:

  • Support for the vision of the draft master plan
  • Protection of the Scenic Hills and heritage landscape
  • Some distrust regarding the planning process and opposition to the previous JRPP decision
  • Potential traffic impacts on St Andrews Road and support for improvements to the road

The Project Team was provided with detailed notes of all feedback received during the community consultation process. Their consideration of this feedback can be found in section 3.2 the report.
The report will be submitted to Campbelltown Council with the Development Application for the site. You can view the complete Summary of Consultation Outcomes Report here.

The Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust  would like to thank the community for their feedback.

Macarthur Memorial Park Flyover

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