Macarthur Memorial Park Development Application

Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust is preparing a Development Application (DA) for the Macarthur Memorial Park, a multidenominational cemetery and parklands to meet the needs of the community for the next 100 years. The proposed Macarthur Memorial Park is located at 166 –176 St Andrews Road, Varroville.

About the proposal

Key features


  • Burial areas for approximately 136,000 burial plots, including concealed burial rooms, lawn cemetery, natural burial areas, cremated remains, monumental areas and crypts
  • A crematorium is a prohibited use on the site.


  • 35.5 hectares of publicly accessible parkland including walkways, sculpture park and picnic areas.

Buildings and facilities

  • Six new buildings to accommodate cemetery and recreational uses, including a multidenominational chapel, cemetery function room, café and workshop.


  • Restoration of existing historic buildings for public use
  • Expanded heritage curtilage around Varro Ville Homestead
  • A ‘no build area’ restricted to development as a lawn cemetery to protect the visual landscape.

Parking and access

  • Vehicle and pedestrian access via St Andrews Road
  • Construction of internal roads, pathways and approximately 280 parking spaces.

Designed for the local community and their future needs.

kookaburra in tree

Planning process

The DA follows the decision in September 2016, by the Joint Regional Planning Panel, to include cemetery as a permitted use on the land at Varroville.
As part of the DA, a range of technical studies, including heritage, traffic and visual assessments are being undertaken.
Once the DA is completed, it will be lodged with Campbelltown Council and placed on public exhibition. Due to the significance of the project, the consent authority will be the Sydney South West Planning Panel.

Landscape masterplan

A landscape masterplan has been prepared for the entire site by Florence Jaquet Landscape Architect. Please see below.

Macarthur Memorial Park Landscape Masterplan
Macarthur Memorial Park Landscape Masterplan
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